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Thread: It’s Time to Show V-Trading – Second Round of Scalping Virtuoso Gets Started!

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    Default It’s Time to Show V-Trading – Second Round of Scalping Virtuoso Gets Started!

    ForexCup announces admission in the ranks of skillful traders – we launch Scalping Virtuoso-2!

    Scalping Virtuoso is the most mysterious type of the competitions that is not yet clear to the ForexCup fans to the end. A new format of the paid weekly competition with an opportunity for unrestricted scalping may seem strange and unusual. We are ready to dispel your doubts!

    • You hesitate to pay an entry fee? The thing is that a small entry fee curbs the competition but increases the prize fund that will be distributed among the best traders;
    • A week is too little for a paid contest? Practice shows that 5 days are an ideal time frame to show good trading results;
    • What if there won’t be enough participants in the competition? The contest organizers provide the guaranteed prize pool – if you deserve you will get a reward;
    • What if there will be too many contestants? There are 7 prizes in the competition and you are talented enough to win at least one of them!
    • You have no idea how to use scalping in practice? Then Scalping Virtuoso is your chance to learn from other traders’ strategies and develop your skills!

    You still have doubts whether Scalping Virtuoso will be to your liking? Then look through the contest terms below and you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed!

    Important! To participate in the competition you should have at least US$5 in your eWallet. You can deposit funds via any payment systems available in MyFXOpen personal area. You can also transfer funds from your trading accounts in the company to the eWallet. Go to MyFXOpen.

    Key dates:
    November 25, 2013 – registration starts;
    December 2, 2013 – registration end;
    December 2, 2013 – competition starts;
    December 6, 2013 – competition ends;
    December 9, 2013 – summing-up.

    1st place
    – 40% *;
    2nd place – 25% *;
    3rd place – 15% *;
    4th place – 9% *;
    5th place – 5% *;
    6th place – 3% *;
    7th place – 3% *.

    *- of the bonus fund sum or of the guaranteed prize sum if the competition prize pool is lower than US$300;

    Terms of the contest:
    Entry fee – US%5;
    Guaranteed prize fund:
    Trading instruments: 49 currency pairs, metals;
    Trading platform: MetaTrader 4 (download);
    Contest account: competition ECN;
    Start-up deposit: US$5,000;
    Leverage: 1:100;
    EAs: prohibited;
    Locking: allowed;
    Lot volume: from 0.1 to 100;
    Number of orders, opened at a time (including pending orders): 100.

    Dear Traders,
    Note, please, that your trades are automatically closed at the end of the contest. Therefore, the closing price may be either the same as the market closing price, or it may differ from it. It is reasoned by the fact that your trades are usually closed not immediately, but with some delay.

    Basic requirements to be eligible for a prize/bonus:
    • Make at least one post in the corresponding thread of FXOpen Forum (otherwise prizes and bonuses will be abolished);
    • Make at least 5 trades of 5 lots’ total volume during the contest and increase your start-up deposit (to be eligible for a bonus your start-up deposit must exceed US$5,000);
    • Give an interview after the contest results are announced (the list of questions is provided by the ForexCup team). This is an obligatory requirement to receive the main prize.

    Useful links:
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    The only thing standing between you and your goal is the BS story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it .

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    Hello everyone, hope to be one of the top 5

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    Time goes quickly – on Friday, December 6th, the second leg of the Scalping Virtuoso contest came to an end at ForexCup.com. Today we announce the results and invite traders to join the next round!

    So, five trading days of the competition with the unlimited opportunities for scalping finished with the following outcome:
    • 45 participants;
    • 215% profit made by the contest winner;
    • 7 prizes;
    • US$300 of the guaranteed prize fund form FXOpen was shared by the prize-winners;
    • 9 traders came to the finish line with a positive trade balance.

    The winner is a Chinese trader, called xiao dong pan. In his 20th ForexCup competition the leader increased his start-up deposit manyfold and was awarded with US$120 of the prize fund. The money has been credited to the winner’s live account registered with FXOpen.

    Registration for Scalping Virtuoso-3 is open! Wish to become the leading trader? It’s time to make a name!
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