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Thread: FXOpen HERO Contest 2022

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    Smile FXOpen HERO Contest 2022

    FXOpen HERO Contest 2022

    FXOpen is happy to announce FXOpen HERO Contest 2022!

    About FXOpen HERO Contest

    Dear Forex traders,

    Foreign Exchange market is a rewarding as well as challenging market for both new and aspiring Foreign Exchange traders. You are invited to take part in the FXOpen HERO Contest in which you will tell about your own success and how you became a HERO in the Forex Trading with FXOpen!


    There are 6 main prizes in the competition, making a total of US$150:

    1st placeUS$50
    2nd placeUS$30
    3rd placeUS$25
    4th placeUS$20
    5th placeUS$15
    Participation PrizeUS$10

    How to Submit

    The contest Entry that you will submit need to be genuine and about your own trading experiences with the FXOpen. What were the challenges that you faced and how you overcame them to be a Winner!

    This will serve as a Motivation to the NEWBIE Traders who are joining this Forex Market with FXOpen!


    The contest starts on December 01st, 2021 and will last till December 31st, 2021. The deadline for your entries is 4 pm on December 31st, 2021.

    Contest Results

    Once the contest is closed, the expert judges will decide on the winners (it might take time, so the results will be announced within a week after the end of the contest).

    Criteria for Entries

    1. The Experiences about your trading with FXOpen and how you became a Successful Trader.
    2. The Contest Entries must be your own and written in English.
    3. The Contest Entries should be of minimum 200 Words.
    4. Please also include a Meta Trader History of minimum 1 Months with Profits made from your trading in FXOpen.

    How to Post your Success Stories

    You must have faced many situations where it was not possible to get the Profits from your trading. What you did to overcome them and how you were able to obtain the profits in your trading.

    Situations that you have Overcome in your Trading journey with FXOpen!
    • How you Reduced/ Limited your Losses.
    • How you managed your Funds.
    • How you decided on your Trading Targets and achieved them.
    • How much Time you had to devote in your Forex Trading.
    • What are the Currencies in which you did your Trades.
    • How much Leverage you were using.
    • How much Profits you made.
    • How often did you opened your trades in the Markets.
    • What Mistakes you made.
    • What is your Biggest Loss.
    • How you controlled your Emotions.
    • What are the Best Trades done by you.
    • How you Overcame your Fears.
    • How you become a WINNER and a HERO.

    This is just a List of the situations which you may have faced while doing your trades in the Forex and Crypto Markets with FXOpen. You could Relate to one or more such situations in your Success Story.

    Prizes Withdrawal

    Prizes are credited to the STP account of FXOpen and can be withdrawn if the withdrawal conditions are met: for every $ 2 of the prize, you need to make 1 deal (+/- 40 points). The minimum number of transactions is 5.
    The prizes will be added to the participant’s STP accounts registered in FXOpen.

    Note: Please post your SUCCESS Stories here in this Contest Topic.
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    Contest Entry GUIDE

    Dear Contestants,

    This is a Guide on how to prepare for your Contest Entry and what you should be writing About. You may Include any One or more of the Following Details in your Contest Entry.

    How much time back you started trading with FXOpen

    How was your journey in the Forex Trading with FXOpen

    What were the Difficulties that you faced and how you Overcame them

    How much Time did it take before you Became a Successful Trader

    How much Profits/ Losses have you made so far

    What were the BIG Mistakes that you had made.

    How much Time you had to Devote on becoming a Successful Forex Trader

    Did you also trade in the Cryptocurrencies and how was your Experience so far.

    You must remember that becoming a HERO also means that you were able to overcome your Losses and Increase the Total Profits obtained. Also it is possible that after getting the Profits you had a loss but this is Nautral and Losses are also a part of the Normal trading routine of Successful Traders.

    Note: Every Day is a New SUNSHINE, Every Day is a New HOPE, and Every Day is a New PROFITS
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    Dear Contest Participants,

    Please Submit your Contest Entries.

    The Last 10 Days are left for the Contest Entries.

    Wishing you All the Best in FXOpen HERO Contest 2022


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    I have been trading with the company for nearly five years and I faced many problems during that, including how to trade and which is the best pairs to trade
    And of course, like any beginner trader, I lost a lot of money in the first years until I was able to understand the correct way of trading by reading some articles within the company's forum, which I benefited a lot from.
    So I was able to profit in some trades, especially in recent years, by choosing the right pair that I want to trade on, studying the market well before starting trading, and also observing the Japanese candles for some time and sometimes I use some indicators to help, they are useful in many times
    And that picture is my success and good profits through trading in previous periods

    I'm a trader, I'm not experienced enough, but I'm good at trading now and I can win in every trade I make, and this credit is due to FXOpen for its help and important and useful articles that help any trader to trade successfully.
    And I usually trade monthly in order to be able to profit and be fully dedicated to the process of trading, I must be free and not occupy me anything about trading so that I can profit well
    And this is my story with FXOpen and my journey with it during those previous years, and it is from failure to success that I am proud of now, and most importantly, my ability to profit, which is difficult for many to achieve.

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    Getting started with FXOpen

    I have participated in FXOpen for more than three years, and the beginning was very difficult and had a lot of capital losses, and this lasted for several months, and I will try to talk about that experience in several following points

    First of all, the mistakes I made

    In the beginnings of trading, I made many mistakes, the most important of which was the greed for profit. Most of the time, I saw the Japanese candles shooting in a certain direction, and I opened several deals in this direction, to suddenly reverse the trend and lose those money and repeat the matter over and over again, hoping to compensate for the profit

    Second, my biggest loss

    I lost a lot of money at the beginning, and I don't forget the biggest losses when I was surprised that the balance became negative and this thing I didn't see before, and I don't hope to see it again and I don't understand yet how it happened

    Third, reduce losses

    Then I began to learn well about the correct methods of trading with FXOpen and follow the updates and recommendations with them until I began to reduce losses in trading, and after the loss was catastrophic, the loss became small compared to the beginning, by choosing a low-moving pair with low spreads

    Fourth, the pairs that I trade on

    There is no doubt that the slowest trading pairs is (the US dollar against the Japanese yen) and it also has a low spread. It is suitable for those who do not like to take risks because its loss is small and also when profit is small as well.

    Fifth, leverage

    One of the most important trading tools is the leverage, because if you set it incorrectly, this will make your balance vanish in a few seconds. I used to set it according to the balance I had. If it was small, I set the leverage of 1:500, and when I found the balance to be somewhat large, I used to raise the leverage Financial so that the profit is higher as well as the loss

    Sixth, how did I overcome my fears and solve those mistakes?

    Then, during my second year, I was able to learn forex trading methods with the help of FXOpen by understanding some strategies and working on them, as well as understanding the direction of the trading pair until I was then able to reverse the loss into profit and this is what actually happened and so far I can easily only win If I review the Japanese candles on several time frames to determine the direction and make the right trade and profit, and this is what the following picture shows of the profit I have achieved

    This picture shows that I have already started making profits from trading and I started reducing the loss and turning it into profit after I learned well from FXOpen and I was able to make good and profitable trading.

    Seventh, Trading Times

    I usually trade once a week and this is very convenient for me so that I can make some profits from the trades and I usually keep this trading for several hours and frankly I enjoy it a lot especially when I find profits, the pleasure of trading is really indescribable fun and also heart palpitations when the trend starts to reverse in the unwanted direction This worries a lot, but the joy when he corrects again and I take profits, that joy is really indescribable

    Summary of my success story at FXOpen

    Indeed, I faced many problems and errors at first, but with practice in FXOpen, I was able to reduce the loss, and then I was able to profit after that by understanding trading well and correcting mistakes and not being greedy or letting my feelings control me because of the seriousness of this matter and when there is a loss I try to compensate for it By trading in another pair and this usually compensates my loss already and I really wish success always for me and everyone in FXOpen and more profits for everyone

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    My start with FXOpen

    In the beginning, of course, I did not understand anything about forex and therefore I certainly do not understand what trading is, which definitely results in a big loss
    I entered the company about two years ago and I was a beginner and sometimes I lose and sometimes I win by luck without understanding anything. The only win was the luck of the beginners and also the loss was sometimes big.
    In order not to be without understanding, I began to follow what was published in the FXOpen forum and read it until I could understand forex a little, but then I started to lose already, and the following picture shows that

    I do not know how, after I began to understand, this loss occurred to me, and I do not know the reason for that, and I could not go back to the beginners’ luck again
    Until I decided to read more about trading

    Learning and error handling

    Indeed, I began to read more articles from FXOpen and the experiences of members until I began to know that this is a market in which the price difference between currencies is bought or sold.
    At that time, I began to choose several currency pairs to trade on, and I was very tempted by the gold and dollar pair, but it made me a big loss for the large spread difference and also the speed of its movement in large points

    Choose a trading pair

    Until I tried several pairs to trade and in the end I settled on the USD/JPY pair because this pair has a very slow movement speed and also it is the lowest spread among other currency pairs
    Although it is boring and takes a lot of time to move some points, but it is safe in the loss and I do not lose much with it, but after that I was able to achieve profits in this pair and this is what the picture shows

    This was a great victory for me when I learned how to trade and also how to make profits through this trading and this is very beautiful and the joy is great when you can achieve profits, especially with a small balance

    Some other information

    Not only the choice of the pair is the only problem that I encountered, but there are several other factors that helped me in the end to achieve the desired, which is actually monitoring the trading pair, especially on the day, hour and five-minute time frame, this is very important so that I can trade in the right direction and also the timing of trading is one of the important things. I trade more than once or twice a month, so I have a lot of time to choose the right day for trading and of course it should be away from high market volatility so as not to lose a lot of money and this is called risk reduction, which I learned from FXOpen

    My success story and how I became a hero

    I am very happy with this title, which is the champion of trading through FXOpen. This makes me proud because I was able to succeed from scratch. At the beginning, I did not understand anything about forex until I learned and practiced trading and was able to make profits from trading in a proper way, and this is indeed the success that I am proud of Quite the opposite of what I was doing without understanding and winning the luck of the beginners, so this did not make me proud because I did not do something to be proud of, but now after understanding and real experience, I can be proud of that, and I thank FXOpen and all those in charge of it and I owe them what I learned through that The company I am also proud to be in

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    How to become a trading champion with FXOpen

    I will not claim heroism in trading, but I will say that I am completely satisfied with who I am now thanks to my trading experiences with FXOpen.
    And I will talk about some of the experiences I faced while trading in FXOpen until I became a hero or satisfied with myself.
    In the beginning, I tried to join the company more than two years ago, but I was not lucky in that due to some complications in activating the portfolio and the required documents. Therefore, I took a look and joined other companies and continued with them.
    Until some friends came to me and advised me to join the company again, and I was really lucky that time and I was able to join about eight months ago and I actually started to try real trading inside FXOpen because my joining other companies did not include trading, but I bought some cryptocurrencies and kept them and tried trading with them But it did not work, so I confined them to digital currencies only

    Errors and problems encountered

    And I started trading with FXOpen, and as is the case with every beginner trader, there must be some problems and difficulties in order to be able to trade correctly, and some of those problems that I encountered are ( determining the appropriate leverage for the currency pair that I am trading on – choosing the right currency pair for me In trading - wrongly guessing the direction of the market )
    Indeed, with FXOpen, I was able to overcome these difficulties, and here is a picture of the trading losses before I overcome those difficulties.

    Success in overcoming problems

    Then I was able first to determine my leverage which is 1:500 and that leverage is very suitable for me
    After that, I tried many trading pairs, the most important of which are
    ( XAU / USD ), ( EUR / USD ), ( GBP / USD ), ( USD / JPY )
    I preferred trading pairs with low spreads, which are low risk and also low profit, but there is nothing wrong with them
    And then I was able to overcome the last problem which is the wrong guess of the market direction
    So I would first select the trading pair I wanted to trade on and then watch it for an hour or two before it started trading on most time frames and then set the trend and open buy or sell trades
    And I've already been able to make profits from those experiences
    The following picture shows the success of the experiment and overcoming problems with profits

    After that I continued to trade with FXOpen to this day and I am still making my own strategies to increase profit in trading

    The time I devote to trading

    Usually I open the trading platform two or three days a week and allocate a certain number of hours for trading on those days ranging between five and six hours throughout the day
    And I divide those hours into two parts,
    Two hours to watch the market and watch the currency pair I want to trade and three or four hours to trade this pair
    And I am still making profits within FXOpen, and the following picture shows that, as it is some of the profits for the month of December

    It is very important to allocate enough time for trading, and the market must be monitored live, and the pair you want to trade on should always be monitored. This is very important

    Summary of my success story at FXOpen

    It was not easy to learn trading at first, especially with the loss of capital
    The goal of trading is basically to win some money, not lose it, and this matter at first was not easy to overcome
    It helped me very much reading the company's articles about trading in forex and I have already started to take and implement these tips, and the most important problems that I faced and that many traders face is determining the direction of the market
    Often the biggest losses come from wrongly determining the market direction, which I was able to overcome by observing the pair that I want to trade on long enough before I trade so that I can determine the direction of this market, whether it is bullish or bearish, to determine if it is a buying or selling deal, and I was actually able to achieve Quite a lot of gain through this
    One of the most important things I learned from FXOpen is overcoming emotions
    When I identify the wrong direction and lose some trades, I stop immediately and re-examine the market again and do not let emotions control me and immediately compensate for the losses, which can make me fall into a greater loss, so I do not do this and stop immediately and this is one of the important things that I learned inside FXOpen company unlike many other things that I benefited from with this company
    Those were the most important points in my success story with FXOpen

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    Dear Contest Participants,

    We have Received a Total of 4 Contest Entries so far.

    The Last Date for the Contest is Extended by 15 days to 15th JAN 2022.

    Please Submit your Contest Entries.

    Wishing you All the Best in FXOpen HERO Contest 2022


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    Thumbs up

    How did you reduce / reduce your losses

    At first I was trading with some greed and the results were I achieve big profits and also big losses and this rush is not required was at the beginning of my work with a company
    Sometimes this makes me lose my deposit, but with the control of my emotions and not to risk it is now different, of course, the loss is part of forex even for professionals, but the professional is who knows reduces the size of his loss and achieves good profits and this is what I am now .
    How you manage your money.
    My style of Capital Management is based on no risk, whether profit or loss I am trading with a certain target that can be 10 or 20 points or more if they are achieved the deal is closed and in case the price reverses by a certain amount I see that this deal can lead to a big loss close the deal , I am currently working in a disciplined and with great control over my emotions more than before .

    How did you decide and achieve your trading goals?

    Report targets relied on technical analysis and at the same time follow-up news of the currencies that I trade on and I rely in my technical analysis on the classical analysis, which depends on reading candles and the integration of technical indicators , and indeed there are many and many trades have achieved success and there are deals and there are also many
    How much time did you have to devote to your forex trading
    I was more dependent on trading on the London Stock Exchange until 6 o'clock GMT because the price movement is faster, especially because my style of trading depends on short-term trading scalping and this style I used in the majority of my trades, but also at times I trade at night in the Asian stock exchange time or relied on the opening of
    What currencies have you traded
    I trade the US dollar, the British pound and the euro these are the most traded currencies and the most focused currency pair I trade on is a pair GBP/USD It is my favorite currency pair and I have made many profits through it and I also trade on currency pairs EUR/USD and EUR/JPY and USD/JPY But sometimes .

    How much leverage were you using?

    The amount of leverage he used is 1:500

    How much profit did you make?

    I trade with a company
    From 2017 and during this time achieved many profits and successful deals are considered the maximum deal one by 100 points and many other deals by 50 or 60 or 70 points and these deals are now and also at the beginning of my trading with the company and remember that in 2020 and 2021 achieved a high number of profits
    The amount of profit from 10 to more than 30 points for one deal and a large number of these deals and an excellent total of profits during this period from the beginning of the year to the end of the year and the oldest screen shot for these deals

    Also during 2021 an excellent level of profits was achieved and the oldest screen shot for these deals

    And I'm trading 1 cent for the size of a single position
    Because I trade with the company Capital is not large and I do not like the risk of the size of one deal in addition to the profit of many trades each trade by a profit of $ 3 and $ 2 and 1 dollars
    Lot size only 1 cent and currently my profits from one deal up to 25 points and times open more than one deal at the same time and achieve profits up to 60 points or more and sometimes there are losses
    But I can get used to these losses and achieve a good and high profit volume

    And the oldest screen shot for my deals during 2017
    And sacrin for some losing trades during this time as a result of haste

    And this screen shot for the profits realized for a date not exceeding one month from the date of writing the article
    From 13/12/2021
    to 13/1/2022

    How often do you normally open your trades in the markets؟

    I open my positions according to what I see from the market conditions
    I'm relying on my current trading not to risk this
    If the situation is suitable, it is possible to open 2 positions or 3 positions
    Lot size 1 cent at the same time and if you are unsure of the price movement
    Open only one lot size 1 cent and never risk
    Open positions with a high Lot size of more than 3 cents because I trade with low capital
    You can only get up to 6 60, and I think this is a big mistake. you should not be reckless
    Good management of invested capital

    What mistakes did you make?

    The biggest mistakes I've made are greed and risk and this thing
    It was at the beginning of my trading with a company
    And also before joining the company with other companies
    Greed, lot-size risk and disrespect for capital
    And I learned from this and now it's much better
    This is what I advise all traders respect capital is of utmost importance when trading

    What's your biggest loss?

    The biggest loss was $18.69 and it was in 2018, specifically in
    3 month and I was trading the size of a 3 cent position and there was a big risk
    When you open this deal on a pair .. It was a sell deal

    How you control your emotions?

    I was committed to trading a suitable plot capital invested, which is 1 cent depending on the capital and I am used to trading capital is not large
    And you do not venture and stay away from the rush even if you lose a deal or more than one
    This makes me able to make up losses and achieve a good profit size
    And to determine the right time to enter and exit the market, these things made me
    Better able to control my emotions

    What are the best trades you've made؟

    I consider my best trades at the moment to be specifically from
    January 1, 2020 to today
    Although before 2020 and even in 2019, 2018 and 2017
    I've made a lot of winning trades and a lot of profits, but
    There were big losses too, and I was losing my capital
    As a result of impulsivity and greed, now it's different, even if you lose
    I am able to compensate for the loss and profit due to
    Good management of capital and lack of greed and impulsivity

    This is a screen shot of some of my deals in 2020
    I consider them my best deal

    How did you overcome your fears

    I overcame my fears with experience and also
    Focusing and being good at losing, these things made me
    Overcome these fears and make me more confident than before when
    I open trades , I see experience as the most important reason
    Makes you able to overcome fears and that's how I feel now

    How to become a winner and a champion??

    Become the winner by taking advantage of the experience gained and taking advantage of mistakes
    That I fall and focus when trading and not rush these things make me able
    Being the winner, forex in the first place needs calm and confidence
    Always learning and not repeating mistakes and taking advantage of them, even if you make a mistake
    I have to take advantage of this mistake and this loss and eventually find yourself the winner
    And the hero these are my top tips for anyone who wants to be a hero..

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    Dear Contest Participants,

    Contest Entries are Closed.

    Results are being prepared

    Thanks to All the Contestants for taking part in this Contest.

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    Mar 2012
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    Contest Results


    1st placeUS$50 -- basim
    2nd placeUS$30 -- Fedo Dedo
    3rd placeUS$25 -- Makien
    4th placeUS$20 -- heno
    5th placeUS$15 -- hala
    Participation PrizeUS$10 -- nikoljaa

    Congratulations to All the Winners in the Contest

    Note: Prizes will be Deposited into your STP Trading Account.
    Last edited by Resolve; 01-17-2022 at 09:21 PM.

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