The global cryptocurrency market capitalisation reached $1.66 trillion (up 1.68 percent) during the last 24 hours while the market volume over the last 24 hours hit $80.34 trillion.

The decentralised finance (DeFi) cryptocurrency market cap is $13.24 billion while that of stablecoins is $80.32 trillion. Stablecoins are tied to an asset - such as the dollar or any other fiat currency or gold - to stabilise their price.

Bitcoin's market dominance rose to 42.04 percent and the asset was globally trading at $36,860.86 levels this morning. In rupee terms, Bitcoin was up 1.45 percent to trade at Rs 29,92,854 while Ethereum rose 1.74 percent to Rs 1,99,119.

Bitcoin, the world's biggest and best-known cryptocurrency, is now about half its $69,000 peak in November. It had a steep fall on January 21.

In the Indian market, most currencies seem to be in recovery mode as Avalanche has risen 6.55 percent and Solana 3.88 percent.