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Thread: Introduction to Forex Trading by BindalFX

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    Default Introduction to Forex Trading by BindalFX

    Trading in Forex is a $3.5 trillion-a-day market. It's amazing when you find out how easy it is to make consistent profit, if you have a good trading system with a good plan.

    Every day, $3.5 trillion float through the hands of people who aren't any smarter than you or I are. It doesn't make any difference what is your profession, if you're a fireman, a housewife, a graduate, working professional, and college student or business owner. If you're willing to follow simple rules and strategies, you deserve a piece of the pie.

    Can you take direction from someone who's been there already? If so you will learn the techniques and strategies to go out and claim what is rightfully yours. In the home study guide, The Way To Trade Forex by Jay Lakhani, you will learn simple set of rules, which if you follow, can easily net you over a 1,000 pips every month.

    Forex trading has enjoyed exponential growth and widespread popularity over the past few years since it was deregulated in 1997. It is only now that online foreign exchange trading is starting to get noticed.

    Until recently, large international banks were the only ones in the foreign exchange market, selectively allowing access to Fortune 500 companies, large funds, high net worth individuals, etc. But now, there are online trading firms that provide individual traders like you and I with direct access to the largest, most liquid financial market in the world - the Forex.

    Spot foreign exchange is the ideal market for active trading because it offers more leverage than any other markets compared such as equities/futures/options. The market has a tendency to trend strongly, and actively trades 24 hours per day. There are no limitations on when one can short (sell) a currency. Currency traders can make money when a currency is becoming stronger or weaker.

    Compared to trading stocks, bonds, or commodity futures, the FX market has some huge advantages:

    1. FX trading is performed electronically 24 hours per day between networks of banks, and it is not bound to a specific trading floor.

    2. FX trading is much larger and more liquid, which means faster and better order execution. It is so large in fact that all the bond markets, stock markets, commodities and futures markets worldwide combined would have to operate for a period of three months to produce the volume in dollars traded on the Forex in only one day.

    3. Fewer tradeables to learn. There are 4 dominant currency pairs, which are the British Pound, The Euro, The Swiss and The Yen, compared to 72 commodities and 7,800 stocks and bonds.

    4. Equal profit potential in up and down markets.

    5. Manipulation against the small trader is not possible, because of the size of the market.

    6. Pure technical analysis works best. No fundamental rules or insider tips needed, though during the times of some news announcements, there can be huge volatility, such as when Non Farm Payrolls.

    7. It is the best trending market in the world (trends over 70% of the time). The trend is your friend, No trend No Trade!

    8. Less amount money needed to start and maintain a trading account.

    9. Greater leverage (100 to 1)

    10. The FX market has no expiring contracts, forward exposure, and slippage, clearing fees or commissions.

    11. You can make money when the market is going up or down.

    There are a few simple rules I'll have to teach you. Once you buy my course I'll disclose exactly how it works and how you can make money.

    The currency market is by far the best market to trade.

    That's it for now.

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    Author BindalFX is Jay Lakhani
    He is a GURU for me
    Many input that i get from book "The Way Of Trade Forex"
    Trading is not a sprint but a marathon. Compounding money is a powerful thing.
    Be patient and persistent
    Exercise discipline
    Always, Always use stops loss
    Protect your profits at all times.
    Accept your losses like a man. If you cant accept your losses you will become a nerverous trader.
    When in doubt stay out.

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    Thank You Very Much

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    Default bindal

    thanks for the enlightenment

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    Thanks for your information i will surely lookout for it

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