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Thread: Forex Trading Courses - Don't Buy One Until You Read This

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    Default Forex Trading Courses - Don't Buy One Until You Read This

    ** Orignal article link http://www.articlebiz.com/article/71...you-read-this/
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    The rise in popularity of currency trading online has seen a huge amount of forex trading courses being offered to forex traders but how many of them are actually worth buying and likely to help you become a better trader?

    Let's find out how to find the best forex trading courses and the best forex education.

    The first question you should ask yourself when you're thinking of buying a forex trading course is:

    If it's so good why are they selling it?

    It's an obvious question!

    If the advice is so good why are they selling it, when they could shut up and spend their time making money?

    Yet they will make you rich for a few hundred dollars, isn't that nice of them?

    In reality their just interested in selling course and it won't surprise you to learn that:

    The Majority of Courses are NOT Worth Paying For

    The vast majority of forex trading courses sold are junk and rely on enticing advertising copy, to appeal to the greed of buyers and this applies to well over 90% of information sold.

    Don't Fall For Advertising Hype

    They sell their courses and hope to dupe investors with enticing copy like "make a regular income", "90% success rate" scalp, "10 - 15 pips a day" etc

    These titles make me laugh, yet it is surprising how many people fall for them, buy the course and then wonder why they lose.

    No One Is Going To Make You Rich

    They pay a few hundred bucks for a forex trading course and expect then untold riches to be given to them by the vendor and are bemused when they lose their equity.

    The Acid Test

    If you want to test how good the information sold is:

    Simply ask the vendor for his real time track record and in most cases you won't get one.

    You will however get a hypothetical one, which is done knowing the closing prices, but we can all do that! Problem is we have to trade going forward not backwards.

    Getting the best Forex Education

    To do this, you do not need to buy a course from a vendor who has never traded or has no track record!

    You can get all the basics free online.

    You can learn just about everything if you take the time to look (we will cover the way to do this in part 2 of this article) and much of the free material is excellent.

    You can also get some great education from your local bookstore - from traders who are genuine legends and these are traders who have walked the walk rather than simply talk the talk - and many of the books you can get are excellent value.

    Think about it

    No vendor on the net is going to help you get rich for a few hundred dollars.

    While there are some well put together honest courses, you can get most of the information free anyway, so why buy it?

    Your On Your Own

    Forex trading is hard and the only traders who succeed are the ones who take the time and trouble to teach themselves and put it the hours.

    They know (like all successful traders do) that the only person who can give them currency trading success is them and a forex course by a vendor is in most cases a complete waste of money.
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    I see some people only offer sell PDF text trading course.

    I don't know how it's efficient or not, efficient begin succesfull trader.

    I think that' only smallest share begin succesfull trader. All about forex very large.

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    Nobody's perfect. You need to stick to your own plan. That's the better signal services for you.

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    yup it hink the best is that u learn trading ur self rather than reading and buying all this books

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