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Thread: Online FOREX Trading - 10 Essential Tips for Novice Traders

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    Default Online FOREX Trading - 10 Essential Tips for Novice Traders

    If you are new to online FOREX trading you will realize that 95% of traders lose and lose quickly.

    To win at currency trading you need the right FOREX strategy - incorporate the following 10 tips and you will get a head start in your quest for consistent FX profits

    1. Don't believe the hype

    You will read a lot of information on how easy FOREX Trading is and how you can buy an e-book for $100 and become rich - this is not the reality.

    While there is some good advice out their - you can get all the information you need free on the net.

    If you want to read about the top traders of all time and get advice from traders who have walked the walk -rather than just talk the talk, go to Amazon and pick up some books from the top traders of all time.

    2. Don't day trade

    The biggest myth of FOREX trading is you can make money FOREX day trading.

    You can't!

    Many novice traders fall for this myth and lose quickly.

    All short term volatility is random and there is no way of predicting where prices may go, so you may as well flip a coin.

    If you want proof that FOREX day trading systems don't work ask a vendor for a track record of real time profits over the long term and you won't get one - PERIOD.

    3. Work smart not hard

    You don't need to work hard in FOREX Trading, you need to work smart.

    This means focusing on the RIGHT FOREX education and learning FOREX tools that work.

    You can easily learn to trade FOREX markets in a couple of weeks.

    You just need to focus on the right information.

    You don't get rewarded in FOREX trading for working hard, you get rewarded for being right and that means working smart.

    4. Risk = Reward

    If you don't like risk forget currency trading and do something else.

    Many traders simply want to avoid risk as much as possible, putting stops to close, or snatching profits.

    If that's you - you will NEVER achieve currency trading success.

    You need to cheerfully accept risk and loses to succeed in online FOREX Trading.

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    5. Do It on your own

    Only you can give your self success.

    You need to be confident in your ability to succeed and if you are, you will have the discipline to apply your method for long term gains.

    If you follow someone else you will not have the right mindset to succeed.

    You will lack discipline and will throw in the towel as soon as a string of losses occur.

    Do it yourself and your chances of success are enhanced.

    6. Get a simple method

    Simple methods work better than complicated ones, as they are more robust with fewer elements to break in the face of ever changing market conditions.

    There is no correlation between how complicated a system is and how much money it will make.

    If you are starting out in currency trading, use support and resistance, a breakout methodology and some confirming indicators and that's it.

    The above way of trading is perfect and will help you get the big profits from the big moves.

    7. Trade Breakouts

    A timeless way to trade FOREX markets.

    It works and will continue to work, simply read out other articles for more info on this simple but powerful methodology.

    8. Be patient

    You don't get rewarded for how often you trade online FOREX - You get rewarded for spotting and acting on the best trades and these don't come around every day.

    Be patient and only trade FOREX signals from your system - don't be tempted to trade for the sake of trading.

    9. Be realistic

    You can make a lot of money in FOREX Trading so what's realistic?

    The top traders compound 50 - 100% per annum so this is a good number to aim for.

    These gains will compound quickly and build real wealth longer term.

    Be realistic and don't try to get rich over night

    10. Know your edge

    If you understand the other 9 points, you will understand that you need an edge to make money longer term in online FOREX markets.

    If after you have devised your FOREX trading strategy you don't know what your edge is - you don't have one!

    You need to know what your edge is over the majority of losing traders to win.

    Final words

    If you incorporate the above 10 tips into your online FOREX Trading plan, you will be well on your way to making money in the worlds most exciting investment market.

    Welcome to the world of FOREX trading!

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